St. George's Ministries


Gather, Discover, Serve. Those three verbs describe much about what is the life of St. George’s Episcopal Church.

We gather together in worship; together, we engage all of our senses in taking in the beauty of God’s creation around us, in hearing the Holy Scriptures and the Word of God proclaimed, in lifting our voices together in prayer and in singing, and in feeding our bodies and souls with the body and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We gather together in fellowship; in community, we share in food, fun laughter and joy with one another. We discover together about God and how God continues to speak to us, as we learn through a variety of media. And, with our souls nourished and fed, we go forth to serve one another and God’s people throughout our community.

We invite you to explore all of opportunities in ministry to gather, discover and serve - and prayerfully ask how God may be calling you to live out your faith in one or more of our ministries.

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