New to St.George's FAQs

This section answers many of the most common questions we receive from newcomers to our church. Click on the question below to find out more information.

What times are regular Sunday services? Are the services different?

Our service schedule is varied

  • 8:00 am is a traditional Holy Eucharist (Rite I)
  • 10:30 am is Holy Eucharist (Rite II) with Music (choral and instrumental)
  • 5:30pm is meditative (still with music), subdued, with many candles

Between the 8:00am and 10:30am services every Sunday a hot breakfast is served and at 9:30 am there are Christian Education offerings for all ages. There is a children's chapel for part of the 10:30am service, and of course a Nursery, with trained, well-supervised staff.

5:30 pm First Sundays (first Sunday each month), schedule alternates between a Healing Service, “Unplugged” a more informal and contemporary service with instrumental music and a choral program of Evensong or Compline

How do I get involved?

Jesus summarized the law by telling us that we should "love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength" and that we should love our neighbor as we love ourself. (Mt. 22: 37-8)

At St. George's we have many opportunities to get to know our neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ. Under the ministry section are listed the various small and special interest groups of St. George's. These groups meet for fellowship, service, prayer and various other purposes. For additional information, see our ministries section. We also offer a variety of Outreach ministries and volunteer opportunites. Please visit out Outreach & Service section for more information.

Where do my kids go?

Childcare is provided before, during and immediately after the 10am service for babies and children up to 3 years of age in the nursery. As you enter the main doors of the church, the nursery is located straight down the hallway on the left and though the double doors. The nursery is the first room on the right and is open from 9:00am-noon every Sunday.

Children 3 years old through elementary school age stay with their families for the service and follow the cross out to Children's Chapel at the appointed time, then return to church for communion. Immediately following communion, children leave for Sunday School. For more information about children's worship activities at St. George's, please see our Children and Youth Worship page. For more information on activities we offer for children, youth and families visit our Children & Families Ministry page.

How Do I Get There?

We are located in the heart of Germantown at 2425 S. Germantown Road.
See the map below for driving directions or feel free to call us at 901-754-7282.

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