Worship at St. George's

Sunday, August 20

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

8:00 a.m.  Holy Eucharist I

9:00 a.m. Breakfast
9:30 a.m. Children's Sunday School and Adult Forum 


10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist II 

                   Nursery and Children's Chapel


                           1:45 Healing Prayers 

             12:15 p.m. Music Committee Meeting

                1:30 p.m. Sanctifica Rehearsal

              2:05 p.m. Family Day at the Redbirds

          8:00 p.m. Compline (Men of Coventry Choir)

Special this Sunday: Adult Forum continues TEDTalks series on living well, Music Committee meeting, Family Day at the Redbirds, Compline sung by the Men of Coventry Choir and friends.


 http://lectionarypage.net/YearA_RCL/Pentecost/AProp15_RCL.html   (Track 1)

Music for  August 20, Pentecost 11A (Proper 15)

Psalm 119:105-112 Lucerna pedibus meis, Hymn 627

Offertory: Draw Us in The Spirit's Tether by Harold Friedell (1905 - 1958)

Voluntaries: Cantilena Josef Rheinberger (1839 – 1901) (8 a.m. service)

                    Prayer by Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1918)

                    Adagio  by René Vierne (1878 - 1918)

                    Cwm Rhondda  by Paul Manz (1919 - 2009) 

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