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St. George's New Vestry (2)

On Sunday, January 22, 2017 St. George's parishioners elected new members of the Vestry. Each year St. George's elects five new Vestry members who serve for three years, so our incoming group is the "class of 2020." Please give your appreciation and support to our newest members. Our new officers for 2016 are: Rick Patterson, Senior Warden, Leslie Darr, Junior Warden; Tom McFadden, Treasurer; and Nancy Ligon, Clerk.

Denise BovoBarbara Posner Eve Graue Rell Fowler Sarah Harrison
Denise Bovo-Ficsher       Barabara Posner           Eve Graue          Rell Fowler              Sarah Harrison

The Vestry Class of 2019

bill routt charlotte profile leslie darr lucie calvin  tom mcfadden 
Bill Routt Charlotte Albertson Lescinskis Leslie Darr Lucie Calvin Tom McFadden



The Vestry Class of 2018

Bobbie - Wonderley-McLaughlin

Bobbi Wonderley-McLaughlin

Erica Ewen

Erika Ewen         

Rick Patterson

Rick Patterson

Peter Bloom

Peter Bloom

Ted Morley

Ted Morley



Download a pdf of the Vestry By-Laws

Renewal Time for Kroger Scrip Card


Reminder to Renew Community Support Sponsorship (St. George's) on Kroger Accounts

Your Kroger account Community Support Sponsorship for St. George's must be renewed annually in January for the donations to St. George's which begin in February. Kroger contributes 3-5% to St. George's on all your grocery and gas purchases. Go to and select Community Rewards, then sign in or open an account. To register St. George's for your Community Reward use #80613 or put in the church name and then enroll to establish or renew your donation to St. George's


Shop and Support St. George's

This Christmas you can contribute to St. George's as well as shop for gifts if you use the Amazon smile link. Even if you haven't set this up on your Amazon account, if you click anywhere on the image below you will be taken to a page that allows you to log in and contribute a percentage of your purchase automatically to St. George's. It's a simple, no cost way to give a little extra to your church during the hoidays. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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