The Sunday Sermon

Each week we will post the previous Sunday's sermon to our YouTube channel and you can follow the links from this page to see any of them. The list below is just the most recent sermons, but additional videos are available on YouTube.

How to not miss the gift of grace that's waiting for us just because we don't recognize the packaging...Mother Dorothy's sermon for the Third Sunday of Lent...

God asks us to trust and obey him with the strength and courage given to us by the Holy Spirit...Rev. Noble Walker's sermon on March 12th.

God's holy Word...still our protection, still our help. Mother Dorothy's sermon, on the first Sunday of Lent..

Coming down from the mountaintop - transformed, unafraid and ready to serve. Today's sermon...

Jesus  is the cornerstone of and foundation of our spiritual lives, but each of us is a special brick in His house called to contribute to it as best we can.

God gave us the 10 commandments as a template to follow to happiness, all you have to do is follow them.

No empty words, no empty ritual...God wants our hearts, God wants us to be the light of the world. Today's sermon.

The call to follow Jesus...our unique gifts valued, no special skills required....Sunday, January 22, 2017

What are we looking for? Jesus still invites us to come and see what really matters...Today's sermon.

What's in a name? What does it mean to call ourselves followers of Jesus? Mother Dorothy explains it requires a commitment from us to claim that name for ourselves.

Sowing seeds of peace amid turbulent times...Mother Dorothy's sermon for the first Sunday of Advent...

Never tire of doing good....the hurting people in God's world need to see the light and love of God radiating through us..

Mother Dorothy explores the process which brings us together - from being alone, to being with God and into caring for each other in our community.

God is with us - God is always with us - even in the midst of our most difficult trials. Hear Mother Dorothy's sermon from October 9, on Jeremiah 29 and Luke 17.

The Church will remain relevant as long as we remember how it is that we order our lives: pursuing righteousness, godliness, faith, love, gentleness, generosity, sharing, helping all of God's people. Hear Mother Dorothy's sermon from today. You can listen to Mother Dorothy's sermon here.

Padre Noble Walker talks about the importance of letting God mold our lives and accepting he has better things in our future than we can imagine. To hear his inspiring sermon, click here.

After becoming the first African American woman to win an individual gold medal in swimming in the Olympics, Simone Manuel reflected, "it's not about me, but those who came before me and those who will come after me who now know it's possible." Giving thanks for the cloud of witnesses who paved the way of faith for us, as we take our own place in leaving a legacy for those who follow. Hear Mother Dorothy's sermon...

Faith is the belief that somewhere out there beyond the dark, cold waters of the Mediterranean Sea, beyond war-torn countries, beyond tent-cities and ghettos, there is safety and a better life, with God and God's people who hear the call to help. Hear Mother Dorothy's sermon, on Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16.

God didn't entrust us with all of this "stuff" for us just to hoard it...Hear Mother Dorothy's sermon on Luke 12:13-21...

"Your kingdom come" is not a passive petition to God...hear Mother Dorothy's sermon on how prayer changes us, and how we are called to change the world.


Jesus says we are in need of only one thing. Rev. Chandler Whitman explores that one thing while reflecting on her time in Tanzania.

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells says God calls on us to show love and mercy to others even if they would not show mercy to us.

The Rev. Noble Walker talks about hearing what God is saying to us.

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells preaches on our responsibility to grow and nurture our faith by passing it to the next generation.

The Rev. Chandler Whitman asks, "Looking for a sermon?" In this priestly English lesson on conjunctions and prepositions, listen for the role of God's forgiveness and Christ's faithfulness in our lives. June 12, 2016

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells, June 5, 2016 - "God is Always Present, but Especially When We Experience the Greatest Losses in Our Lives."

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells, May 29, 2016 - "When was the Last Time We Allowed Ourselves to be Amazed by God's Work in the World?"

The Rev. Noble Walker - Trinity Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells - May 15, 2016, Pentecost Sunday -  How is the Holy SPirit calling you to break barriers and serve our neighbors?

The Rev. Chandler Whitman explains that the disciples had to wait patiently, perhaps fearfully, but with faith, in the 10 days between the Ascenscion and Pentecost. She says we too should wait patiently, with faith, to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells - May 1, 2016 God invites us more times than we can imagine to take up our mat and walk

The Rev. Dorothy Wells - April 24, 2016

The Rev. Chandler Whitman teaches the Holy Spirit calls us to be shown alive as was Tabitha in the Bible. We must all be part of the Resurrection story.

Padre Noble Walker - What have you had to let go of in your life so that God could bring something new into your life?

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells - Easter Sunday 2016

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells - Palm Sunday We raise our voices today with the voiceless people whom Jesus loved 

The Rev. Chandler Whitman reflects on the power of water in our lives and in the Bible: it gives and sustains life, but can kill or destroy also

Padre Walker 2/28/16 - Padre contends that burning bushes are in all our lives. They are God's way of getting our attention when we have to make a decision and trusting God to guide us and give us strength.

The Rev. Chandler Whitman 2/14/16 During Lent, let the Holy Spirit lead you and guide you toward God 

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells 2-7-16 When we answer the call of the suffering, it is our opportunity to be transformed

Bishop Don Johnson 1-31-16 People Will Know by How We Interact with Them that God's Spirit Has Touched Our Lives

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells 1-24-16 - What effect do Jesus' words have on us? How do we practice our faith in the world?

The Rev. Chandler Whitman - God's Gifts to each of us are different, but equally important

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells Christmas Eve 2015

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells 12-20-13

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells 12-13-15

The Rev. Deacon Chandler Whitman 12-6-15

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells - 11-29-15 

The Rev. Phil C. Mason - Christ the King Sunday - 11-22-15

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells - 11-15-15

The Rev. Deacon Chandler Whitman 11-08-15

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells 11-01-15 All Saints Sunday

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells 10-25-15 Ingathering Sunday

The Rev. Dorothy Sanders Wells 10-18-15


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