Moment for Ministry - St. George's Music Programs

by Kathie Johnston, Member of the Coventry Choir for 25 years and representative to the Music Committee

This is a Mission Minute about the Music Committee and the music program here at St. George’s. The Music Committee brings together representatives from each of the music programs and helps with information sharing, communication and planning for and about music at this church.

The music ministry at St. George’s includes the multiple choirs, instrumental groups, vocal and instrumental soloists, “occasional” contributors, Friends of Music, and all of you who sing on Sundays, who attend music concerts, who bring your children to choir or who bring goodies for receptions after concerts and those who support music in other ways.

Many of us who sing or play feel that music IS worship – we feel the presence of God in the music. Service music is planned to fit the liturgical calendar, to accompany the readings or the special events in the liturgical calendar. It is one method of Christian Education because we learn from the Organist/Choirmaster, from each other and from the substance and text of the music about liturgical traditions, religious beliefs, historical trends and more.

We also have fun, get additional physical benefits from the breathing necessary to sing or play an instrument, get psychological benefits from the calming and inspirational aspects of making music and have the opportunity to have a small family within the larger family here at St. George’s.

Churches always need more musicians and music supporters- those of you who sing out on Sundays or who sing in choirs or play instruments, parents willing to get their kids to choir so that when us oldsters retire, there’s someone to take our places, folks to help with Friends of Music events and more.

I have been in church choirs since I was in the womb- and singing myself in choirs since I was three. With no offense to the clergy, I cannot imagine worship without music, and for me at least, it would not be worship if there was not music.

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