St. George's Bookshoppe Merchandise

The Bookshoppe is always adding something new! Whether it is for a holiday or special event, we try to stay current and keep our merchandise up to date so that we can provide each of you something new to take home and treasure. Please make time to stop by and check us out and be sure to check here and the latest news often on what we have to offer!

Remember that a gift purchased from The Bookshoppe is a gift to the church as well!

Books for Children & Adults

booksBecause we are a church bookstore,

we want to highlight some of our readings for spiritual reflection — we have a great selection, including children’s books, seasonal resources and meditation resources for every day.

Some of our newer children’s selections include:
Where Is God?, Prayers for Each and Every Day, Images of God, and a series of 3 books that answer questions common to all children: Where Does God Live?, Does God Hear My Prayer?, and Does God Ever Sleep?

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Baby and Children's Gifts

Looking for a special gift for a special little someone?  baby

Whether it's for a birth, baptism or birthday, we have unique gifts for babies and children to fit your gift-giving needs.

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