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Team Read at Oak Forest Elementary


St. George's fourth year of Team Read at Oak Forest Elementary is complete.   Our thanks to 28 of our members, along with members of Germantown Presbyterian and Beth Sholom synagogue, for their commitment to help students learn and comprehend their sight words.  


At the beginning of the school year, only 5 students knew more than 300 sight words.  By the end of the Team Read year, 33 out of 49 students knew more than 300 sights words and the average % change in the students' reading scores was 236%.  


The ways we touched the students' lives were not limited to their reading scores.  One of the teachers said it best, "Thank you to the entire Team Read team for arming my students with the necessary foundational skills in reading.  Several of my students who continue to struggle, but not as much, exhibit a sense of pride."


If you are interested in being a Team Read coach or just want to know more, please contact Margaret Morley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

.Fry Words - Reading Sheet

NEW 2016 - Fry Words, Phrase, Sentences 1-500 Created by GUMC

Fry words in Paragraphs 101-400 - Created by GUMC

From left to right: Eve Graue, Kenny Kyle, Arlene Graves, Bob White

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