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kroger-community-rewardsGiving More Back to the Community!

St George's participates in the Kroger Community Rewards program. Eileen Fields, Parish Administrator for Operations and Finance or a member of the Stewardship Program can sign you up for the program if you have not used it before. Give to the church with out spending an extra penny!

St. George's receives a percentage from the monthly sales to participants so you are earning benefits for St. George's as you do your weekly marketing and make gas purchases.

Kroger Community Rewards Basics

What Kroger Community Rewards?
Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money” and now it means you can contribute to St. George’s while you shop at Kroger without spending a penny extra.

Who Issues Kroger Community Rewards?
St. George’s is partnering with charitable programs at grocers in our area: Kroger Community Rewards program. You register your Kroger Plus card and they give St. George’s a percentage of what you spend when using the card.

Why is St. George's Involved?
In this difficult economy, annual estimates of giving have declined. To meet our obligations and program needs, we will need to raise $22,000 beyond regular contributions. The Scrip program is a way for you to help meet that goal with no additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Kroger Community Rewards work?
A. You set up a Kroger customer account and enroll in Kroger's Community Reward's Program; then show your Kroger Plus card when you make purchases at Kroger stores, including pharmacies and gas stations. The stores donate 5% of qualifying* purchases to St. George’s. *A few items such as other gift cards and taxes may not be counted toward the St. George’s donation.

Q. How do I register for the program?
A. See the link below to sign up online or we will have Stewardship members available at church to assist you.

Q. What will it cost me?
A. Nothing.

Q. How will St. George’s allocate the Kroger Community Rewards donations?
A. The Vestry decided that all of the money raised will go to the general fund. Also, parishoners, if they wish, may credit 50% of money generated by cards they use against the balance of their annual estimate of giving.

Q. May I take a tax deduction for Kroger Community Rewards donations?
A. No. Since the donation actually comes from the stores and costs you nothing, the money is not tax-deductible to you.

Q. How do I "enroll" in the Kroger Community Rewards program to benefit St. George's?
A. Click here to enroll on-line

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