Great Oaks Legacy Society Endowment Fund

greatoakSt. George's Endowment Trust

St. George's Endowment Trust has now reached over $1M so that significant contributions can be made to parish programs and it shows the long term potential for future support. In 2014 disbursements totaling $33,519.00 were made to the Church for outreach and program support. All investments are made in conformance with conservative investment policies set forth in the Trust instrument and investment policy.

Trustees for 2015 are: Lynn Shaw, Chairman; Lou D'Eri, Secretary; Ken Kyle, Bob Moore, Nancy Ligon and George Freeman; ex officio members are Priest-in-Charge Dorothy Sanders Wells, Senior Warden David George, and church treasurer Dwight Cowan.

The Endowment Trust has now begun to make meaningful contributions to the operation of the Church and the trustees look forward to being able to do even more in 2015. If you have not already done so, please consider including St. George's Endowment Trust in your estate planning and in your planned giving as a part of our covenant with the future of St. George's.


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